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After the Mod Elections, Iím Leaving for Good.
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keyboard commando
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Default After the Mod Elections, Iím Leaving for Good.

Guys, in light of how poor things have gone on Joedios Iíve realized the website is bringing me nothing but immense emotional stress that I donít want. Itís not in any way worth it for how ridiculous the situation is and I can be perfectly happy with people I like elsewhere. Iím here out of sentimentality and a desire to go back to a time that will never return now.

Iím not gonna pull any punches. I donít care about the rules or hurting peopleís feeling, or any of the interpersonal bullshit and manipulation that goes on here. I donít care to because Iím not coming back after this event and all I care about is telling some about myself and clearing my moral character for anyone who lies in between the conflict. In my departure, I just donít want anyone to ever look back and misunderstand my intentions.

If Hammerfel declared me a moderator right now, or if everyone came out in droves to say I should be (yeah right). That wouldnít change how I feel and I would still have to decline it. I have no ulterior motives, but thatís for anyone else to judge.

Joedios became special to me again. The Facebook invaders are looking to go back to the ďgood timesĒ with their entire cult here, but I was already there. It was the new members. Untainted by years of drama, nonsense and bullshit espoused on this web site. GI Joewasthere, the return of Mike T, Slipstream, Jogunwarrior, Steeler, Selvaland and others made me feel we had started over. I couldnít go back to the old days, but the new days were special to me as well I would like to personally thank all of you for the memories weíve had together here over this period.

GIJoewasthere, I want to in particular say that youíre an outgoing member here and you have some things in common with how I was years ago. I didnít want good people to get banned either, and youíll reach out to those who wouldnít. Keep that purity and you will be rewarded for it in life. The reason I dislike Sonneilon is because he banned Fireflyed and RTG, who I didnít know well at the time, but had clearly done nothing wrong. I feel like this choice of his is, the root cause for ALL of the drama on Joedios. I sincerely felt you and others would be disappointed if he returns to the man that I knew him as.

Now, to call out a few I have some words for: Hammerfell, if you had a dollar for every bad idea youíve come up with you wouldnít need paypal donations for the site. It would have been easy to have chosen one, active member who wasnít apart of any cliques, but instead you opted for an open forum free-for-all that should have been obvious to produce poor results. I know you want to rinse your hands of responsibility here, but you owed this community something better than this. Thatís all I have to say.

Friends are something I value very highly in life, if you guys havenít noticed. I think deep and solid relationships with a few provide life with so much more substance than worthless relationships with many. I hope this makes the reason I called out 218 in the election thread obvious. It wasnít an attempt to steal support from him. I know I have a Jewís chance in Nazi Germany of winning a popularity contest because of the way I view relationships in life.

Me and him were talking in a thread one time about reorganizing the forum when he took something I said very personally. I have no clue what, since on my end I was just chatting, but after that there was a bunch of deleted post from him and he used the reputation function to put a bad reputation on me. I have no clue what that silly little feature is for, but it was clear he was pretty angry about something I did...

Shortly after that the signature thing happened. As I said, Iím fine with being disliked by some others, because itís just a thing in life where certain personalities can not get along. But he did this, he brought in someone else, someone who was DEAD, as a means to get at me, and in due time he surely did. This was calculated. He couldnít have vandalized this image without knowing exactly what it was an no one can say otherwise. My friend Craig can not defend himself anymore. His wife and other friends came here for awhile though and every time I saw that signature I thought about them. ďWhat if they see that? What if they think we donít honor him any more?Ē it made me suffer and to do nothing about it and him would be to betray Craigís memory in my eyes. But I kept it a secret from most until now. If I didnít, other people would see it and be hurt for no reason as well. I thought it had gone away, but Hammerfell had to start this brutal popularity contest and the push for 218 sent me to the edge. ďNo, they donít know what he did!Ē I thought. At this point I had to say something, it was a moral imperative and even if I looked like I was trying to use that to smear 218, I felt obligated to put that out there, and I donít care what anyone thinks about it as long as they know that it wasnít done for myself.

Otto the Otter: As the last thing I hope I ever say to you, I was ambivalent to you until this affair. In response to my outing of 218, you attempted to use gas-lighting on me, and that was not only poor defense, it was utterly disgusting.

Iím posting all of this now though I will likely stay until the moderators are selected so I can leave things in the best possible conditions for the good users who are left here. Everything I say I mean from the bottom of my heart, and if I wait to say this my intention will once again come into question.

Follow your heart and judge this for whatever you see it as. But this is my farewell to Joedios.

Best of luck to you all in life,

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Otto the Otter
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Originally Posted by Nekoman

Otto the Otter: As the last thing I hope I ever say to you, I was ambivalent to you until this affair. In response to my outing of 218, you attempted to use gas-lighting on me, and that was not only poor defense, it was utterly disgusting.

As I've gone thru life, I've found the people who use the term "gas lighting" to be themselves the gas-lighters and like to flip situations and blame around, much like those who tell it like it is and call people out hate to be called out. As the above quote is the last thing you'll ever say to me, I only have to say this, to quote the late Powers Booth from Tombstone, "Why Jonny Tyler, whereever are you going with that shotgun?'
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Stop please.
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neapolitan joe
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Thumbs up Stop please.

I think it's time to bury old issues. Let us look for a way out from this situation, Neko.
As I wrote, i believe that 218'll apologize.
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