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Prince Adam
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Originally Posted by WildWeasel
For those that are interested in participating, I'm sorry for the way this has turned out, my apologies to you.

So if you are interested in entering, just post a link here in this thread to your entry and come time to judge we will include yours by linking in the main thread on the Terror Drome.

Any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Good luck and we hope to see some great entries!

No see, Dahl, already said that. Then you got all huffy and decided to come over and stir the sht storm back up. Don't get all uppitty and then try and act like you're above it. Now you're just back peddling because the spotlight is focussed on you and your BVDs are around your ankles.

Blow it out your rear cause youíre getting butthurt over nothing. First off my comment was constructive criticism, nothing more. Dahlís following post came off of as snooty and arrogant. Maybe YOU know him, but I donít; we donít. Were we supposed to assume he was both comical and benign simply because thatís how you know him? Re-read the post objectively. Some guy with less than a handful to a few? Were you guys looking to make friends with this board? Face it. If you were trying to be as diplomatic as your martyrdom would insist than one of you 'Dromers wouldíve come over yourself and invited JDs rather than polishing Hammerfelís rod by making him a judge.

Thing is Dahl did come back on here to explain his post and everything was pretty much smoothed over, I can't as folks were lining up, but the water was under the bridge. You're making all the fuss now, and you're rightfully being addressed as such.

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