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View Poll Results: New sculpt controversial
Too many weird changes. Original chars like Leatherneck ain't right. 0 0%
Sound attack killed it for me. (JvC) 0 0%
Action attack was lame. (VvV) 1 9.09%
The t-crotch era had some great sculpts but they never were redone. 0 0%
2-packs killed the line. Coulda been a great thing but... 0 0%
Lame characters killed the line. (Link, VenMax, Link) 0 0%
Not enough remakes of fave chars. Too many redux of CORE. 1 9.09%
I like the added articulation on several of the figures. 2 18.18%
The tighter sculpting was cool. (Blackout, Crosshair, etc) 2 18.18%
Viva la 80s! (OTHER) 5 45.45%
Voters: 11. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 07-21-2006, 06:50 PM #11
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Originally Posted by Outrider
Junk like Venomous Maximus was just ridiculous to me. At least VvV was put out of it's misery fairly quickly.

I actually like the Venomous Maximus figure but there's no way to fit the character into my realistic joe verse.
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Old 07-21-2006, 08:06 PM #12
aka 'Paul WS Anderson' ;)
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Ya gotta figure that VenMax is a redux of Serpentor.

Personally where I stand on it all; the 2002+ relaunch was a 2nd chance at GI Joe for me. I never had a full collection as a kid of ARAH. Plus, I quit around, I dunno, right around the movie days. 1990s+, HA! Never knew they existed. Mani-what??? In any case, back in 2002, I was living in the University District (of Seattle), was dirt poor and I saw these things at Target up by Northgate. I figured, "hell, I'm in debt consolidation, I have a few dollars, might as well buy some happiness since my living situation was horrid." Frostbite vs NeoViper.

And then I found the Devils Due website and hooked up with a whole community of guys who bought the toys and for the most part, DUG the new line. When the posse left to become SavageSoundoffs (aka, the toy group left and well, my views on things were swayed pretty hardcore. Coulda been considered a sheep, even.

Personally, I prefer the new sculpt stuff to ARAH. It has to do with it being a revamp. It has to do with, for the most part, tighter sculpting, an update of characters (ie; modernization which seemed to end up going backwards), and well, it was something for me to waste money on. It's a whole 'nother Joe line and I NEVER mixed the two. The ARAH sat in an old APC until I sold the single figures on EBAY. I didn't want to live in the past. And honestly, I don't miss them. (However, if they were all MOC, it'd be a small, but neat collection.)

I enjoyed JvC for the potential storylines. I was ok with the figures because I didn't know better. (lol)

Spy Troops I didn't quite understand. EagleEyeJoe would clue me in that Hasbro was doing themes each year. Spy Troops was cool but it never pushed the envelope for enough for me. At this point, everyone was wanting a cartoon, y'know? I wanted the DD comic to use the toys more.

VvV. I'm one of the few who enjoyed it. VenMax doesn't exist in my 'verse, but the V-Troops do. (as exampled in my dio) There were a lot of missed throughout the whole shebang, but I kept a whole lotta figures I love the most. Which might account for 30% of the figures released? If anything... That dio I've been working on... If the RRTS ALL had the SawViper body in Rollbar colors and w/ different heads (ie; customs), it would have been perfect. A uniform look is what I'd love. Unfortunately, what Hasbro believes to be uniform is different than mine; I have to go by them.

As for VvV... It wasn't the deth of teh line. In fact, it was extended for half a year. Wave7? That was Wave1 of Robot Rebellion (aka Rise of the Robots). There were a few factors into the demise of the 3.75" Joes in the brick 'n mortar stores. One was George Lucas and Star Wars. If you consider the timeframe, VvV would have been winding down and preparing for the next theme. But Lucas wanted NO COMPETITOR to his SW toys that would be launched that late-fall/Winter (for X-Mas). At the same time, Hasbro called the "HIATUS" and the announcement of Sigma6 came out. Consider too that Billy Lagor suddenly says, "Oh, we have a collector line only available online. We'll call it DIRECT TO CONSUMER (DTC)."

In the end, we see the demise of the 3.75". There is the theory that we haven't had the hiatus YET! THe hiatus is actually NOW. Wave4 has already been done and just needs to be packaged up and shipped out, right? We all know that the initial figures were done half a year ago. It's also been released from Dwight Stall that they are hard at work at the 25th Anniversary GI Joe (3.75") and the key term is "SUPER-ARTICULATION".

Hasbro, as it stands now, is pushing Sigma6. Is it GI Joe Extreme? NO. It has been received far better than GI Joe Extreme ever did. (IMO, Extreme SUCKED) You can say what you want about it, but Sigma6 has 2 scales now because sales have indicated it can be supported. It's hard to dis once you get the 8" figures in hand and see what they are capable of. AND they are the best game in town, to many folk. (I wouldn't know better.)

I don't think anyone knows what to expect of the 25th Anniversary stuff. Will it be rehashes of the 2002+ stuff? Repaints? There's probably only 1 guy who knows and he ain't talking. (ok, maybe 3 guys)

And just so you know... That Steel Brigade vs Plague Troopers pack, the file cards were written by a friend (also a JBL and JoeSightings member) and Brandon Jerwa of GI Joe fame. Unfortunately, ALL the other work they've put into Hasbro, it's hard to see if it'll see light. I hope it does because both guys know what they are doing.
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Old 07-21-2006, 10:11 PM #13
It's been a great ride!
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I see where you're coming from, G, and what you say makes perfect sense, and I agree with most of it. VenMax certainly doesn't exist in my Joeverse (as you probably guessed!), but the Swamp Rats do as normal human Cobra operatives; I just choose to ignore the venom serum part of things. (Never let a file card/theme you dislike stand in the way of a good figure, I say!). As for Sigma Six, it just ain't my thing. I'm fairly hardcore into realism, and S6 seems to be more futuristic/fantasy based than most of the 3 3/4" line, and as such holds no appeal for me. (Plus storage space in my house is at a premium thanks to other hobbies and my wife's Beanie babies, so the 3 3/4" stuff has priority).
You are absolutely correct on the good points of the new sculpt figs; much sharper detail, some great new characters and some classic remakes (new sculpt Lowlight quickly put paid to my '86 Lowlight's career!). Mixing new and old sculpts together does not bother me at all, 'cos good figures are good figures regardless, and I'll use 'em all.
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Old 07-22-2006, 06:41 PM #14
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I love them but admit they are not for everyone. Only a few come bone stock perfect to my satisfaction.

As a kid I collected the originals from the start but they were lost from moving around. I too got a fresh start in mid 2004.
Personally where I stand on it all; the 2002+ relaunch was a 2nd chance at GI Joe for me.

In fact, I had never seen the new stuff until my Bro-in-law introduced the Spytroops Cobra Commander, and Viper/Alley ViperII figs. I didn't think much at first but was later taken by the detail and how much more life like they look than the vintage ARAH.

The sculpts from the Valor Venom and fresh DTC molds are the best. They finally found the right scale, proportion, art and detail, etc.

Spytroops is 20/80. There are a few good figs in the line, but half are 4" (Shipwreck????). The color schemes are mostly not too my tastes either. I can't stand the "monkey" elbow joints. Blackout is now a popular character in Hasbro's eyes but the figure sucks. I excuse the height issue, but the arm joints and body detail doesn't put a smile on my face. (thus why I don't use the DTC Bludd)

My biggest regret out of these is Flint. The head sculpt is perfect but his body proportion results are caricature. WHY?!!!

JvC is unsightly. Hasbro should have left the design team wherever they found them. Blowtorch???? I would never collect new sculpt if not for the VV line.

As for themes, who cares. I just want the figures. We all have our own Joeverse realms and ideas.

To wrap up, I only enjoy the new sculpt figs but am selective to the later series style stuff. They are usually not perfect and am thankful I have somewhat of artistic ability to "correct" the flaws to my liking. I suppose this is why the Joe business is a "hobby". I hope Hasbro continues to make them but with care.
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Old 07-23-2006, 09:51 AM #15
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I used to be pretty anti-new sculpt, but the only stuff I baed it on was the hit and miss JvC. The turning point for me was getting DTC Wave 1 and Viper Lockdown. Since then I've got loads of VvV and spytroops, created a cooler Cobra army, and it's made customising so much fun.

The detailing is miles ahead of what it used to be. Females look like... females! Yeah Fling looks like a Planet of the Apes reject, but that's what the comic packs are for

Spytroops sometimes seems pretty perfect in sculpting, Burnout, Overkill, Chief torpedo are fantastic figures. This was carried on with VvV Dr. Mindbender, Gung-Ho, Bombstrike (is it normal for a guy to have "those" kinda thoughts abou an action figure?) Croc Master has perhaps the most menacing head ever in a Joe toy.
I'm finding myself replacing characters with their new scult versions... or the "new old sculpt" versions, as the 80's ones look considerably more animated. They are more based in military but there is less detail, and the faces are often extreme characatures.

Swivel wrists have also made me happier than an army of Raptors never could (I so have to troop-build Raptor)

EDIT: Also Link is an extremely boring figure. Perhaps the most boring in the line's history. But just give him VvV Gung Ho's vest, DTC Grandslam's helmet and his look is completely changed from sissy vet/wannabe joe to awesome experienced soldier. It is nice how a few accessory changes can completely make a figure from a dork into one of the most badass in the line
I hope the 25th line has these rubber vests/jackets/helmets as they are also one of the best additions to the line.
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