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I almost caught the garage on fire. I was shooting Charbroil and had started a fire of some paper and junk. I was squirting lighter fluid on it to make more fire and it splashed on the wall. Just drywall though, so I got some pics while the fire was big and then put it out on the wall with Diet Dr. Pepper. Since there were now very large black scorch marks and brown liquid stains on the wall, I just moved a shelf in front of it which eventually resulted in rearranging the entire garage. I just told Wifey this story yesterday, but she cant be mad because we dont live there anymore.
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Along the same lines as Thinktank, I was shooting a pic with Blowtorch and Barbecue. I had an aresol can of starting fluid with the straw from a WD40 can in the nozzle to make a stream.
I set a small fire and shot the stream over the fire to ignite the ether, the effect turned out about like I hoped.
What I didn't realize was how close the flame was to the end of his weapon, so after a few shots, the end started getting dropppy and melty. I decided to give Blowtorch a break and sprinkled some dry grass around (I was in a sandy, dry are, no danger of starting a real fire around) and lit the grass, posing Barbecue in the fire and taking the pics.
At the end of the shoot, the damage was Blowtorch's weapon melted and out of shape, Barbecue's hose melted in half and the nozzle melted out of shape and both figures have scorch marks all over, but that kind of looks cool and gives an element of realism to their look. Fortunately I had a second blowtorch to give Blowtorch, but Barbecue still needs new tools.
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