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what do you do when you dry brush??
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Default what do you do when you dry brush??

i'm just wondering i've tried in the past but it always comes out crappy..wondering how you guys do it do you use alot of water and a little paint??some answers would be appreciated..Thanx!!
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I just paint something else, like the newspaper or a junk piece till nothing more comes out (I commonly use the newspaper i'm covering the table I'm working on). I don't wash the brush, and than I begin "dry brushing" the piece I'm interested in. Of course, dry brushing the attitude should be "less is more". You can go too far, so once you think it's a visible effect, but not your desire, stop and wait for it to dry. Most paints dry darker, so you always have the option of adding more but not going to far if you are PATIENT.
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Honestly it depends what your dry brushing for all the tree trunks I make as well as the brick walls I cast I like painting the crevices with watered down acrylic and then once dry I start dry brushing stuff. I use a rag and a really beat up flat round brush to do the dry brushing. I take a little bit of the acrylic i am going to be dry brushing with and i dab it with the brush i then apply it to the pallet i am working with and finally dab it on the rag then i go to town on what i am dry brushing.

For vehicles and figure I like taking the smallest amount of paint and adding it to the area i will be drying brushing and then i push that paint around spreading it and brushing it everywhere i want it. this way it breaks up as I want it, for this as well i use a way smaller brush so i am working with a 3 brush or what not. hope this helps hit me up with any questions bro!
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