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Custom Resolute Baroness WIP...
Old 09-15-2010, 07:13 AM #1
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Default Custom Resolute Baroness WIP...

Really need some advice on this one. I've got an extra Resolute Baroness so I decided to make her a bit more screen accurate. The problem is, with the pictures I've found of her, it's hard to determine colours and what to part of her clothing they should be applied.

She's got her body suit in light grey, her boots, gloves and chest armour in black, her corset in dark grey and her..uh..codpiece? in silver.

Here's a good picture of her:

Now, I've seen pictures of her with and without the Cobra insignia on her chest, but that's not really a factor here.

I'm just having a hard time matching clothing parts betwixt the figure and the above picture. For example, her mid-rif is a dark colour, but it doesn't look like a corset like the figure is wearing, it actually looks more like part of her body suit, but it's a different colour than her upper arms and upper chest. The animated Baroness also has shoulder pads the figure lacks, again, though, they ain't there, and I ain't gonna worry about it. Her chest armor matches her...well, I'll just call them her "briefs," but on the figure this matches the colour of her corset above the silver detail, but a different colour below.

OK, so here's my painted version (mind you, this is just the first coat of paint):

I think I have too many colours. Maybe her corset needs to match either the blue of her chest armour or the light grey of her body suit. I'm wondering about her gloves too. They have the only black on the figure, would they look better if they were blue? Or should I paint her boots black again and keep the gloves black? I want to keep some blue on her so she's closer to screen accurate and closer to Destro's colours. I like the red trim as well, but I may ditch it so it's one less colour, and would the Cobra insignia be out of place if left red or would it look cool painted black? I'm pretty lousy with colours sometimes and this is one of those times.
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