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Making of LobbySet - DoomsDayMachine CH7
Old 10-25-2009, 04:31 PM #1
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Default Making of LobbySet - DoomsDayMachine CH7

Believe it or not, I am working on the next chapter of DoomsDay Machine. A lot of it has already been shot. I decided that I want to try and step-up my sets a bit. Some of you might remember that old lobby set from Transformations. Well, that set is long gone and I'm creating a new one. This time, I've got some different ideas and it'll be a tiny bit like the old yet, more basic (or generic). A lot of my effort will be on the future sets and in fact, this story is going to be a lot longer than planned.

This is the basic structure of it. Yes, it's missing some pieces that I am currently working on. It's stark white which I do have a reason for leaving the foamboard as is.

Closer look. Think of the lobby as a check point before moving into the actual base. Also, THIS is THE HQ of Cobra and there'll be a LOT of elements that I'll need to figure out. ie; lotta sets as money and time allows.

Can't tell what I'm building? HA! Neither can I! Well, I have a basic idea and I'm trying to spice up how my doors look, that's all. When it's done, you guys will most say, "gee, that's nice." It won't be as cooly spectacular as the original lobby but this will be serving a different purpose.

Just another shot of me working off the floor. Once we get inside, better start thinking of action/survival/horror games like BioShock and DeadSpace.
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What is that thing in the back Right corner in the Second pic. Looks like some kind of Full body XRay machine or something....
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How is that having all those tools and having made lots of sets you dont customize figures?

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