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Humvee Project - How to/turtorial
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Default Humvee Project - How to/turtorial

Bought this sucker from ebay to make it into one of my small projects (I have many now )

Well the first thing I had to do was get the stickers off (since it was used). This was simple, I just used my nails and peeled them off. After taking off everything that should come off, I ended up with the start of the Humvee that looked like this:

Next step was taping over the "glass" - I didn't have any masking tape which I would have preferred, but black electrical tape does the trick just as well if you are carefull.

After that was done a base coat/undercoat was applied - I wanted a "special forces" look, so I went for a black Humvee.

Now then, I wanted the Humvee to look used - so out come the brushes and paint. First stop was weathering the undercarriage and wheels.

I here first applied a watery (about 70% water 30% paint) cover and tried to stipple, stripe where water/mud etc would normally be carried off from the wheels. Before it dried completely I dabbed some toilet paper over it, taking most of it away but leaving a small sheen of color/water, which I would use as my base for the weathering.

Next was the actual weathering, add dark brown paint, almost to the edges of the dabbed base. But I let a small edge of it show, as it gives the effect of dried mud/water.

Step after this was adding a stronger brown color closer to the edge - again this gives the effect that it is drying mud and that the closest to the tires are the most recent mud. On this project I used a reference picture from Battlefield Bad Company to look where mud would be applied. Even if you have a good idea of how you want it to be, or how you think it should be, having some sort of reference picture is always a neat idea and might be an eye opener at some point during such a project.
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