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Power Corridor!!!
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Default Power Corridor!!!

I meant to release this the same time as the 2nd chapter of Doomsday Machine but totally forgot. And worse, I forgot to keep on taking pictures! These walls actually took a long time cuz I procrastinated on them.

First off, this is regular good old screen door screening. Very cheap and WHY i have it, I have no frakkin clue. I may have been redone a screen door when I was married and had a lot of extra. Anyway, always wanted to use it!

Next step is pretty basic. Cut the walls and make windows. As well, cut the screening so it'll (hopefully) glue to the foamboard. I use 2 different rulers to get the proper 90 degree angles. I didn't measure the screening out because I knew that the basswood would act as a frame.

Then I added the basswood frames and tapes the walls up. Give or take painting the frames. I did a few test shots to see how a regular lamp would light up thru the screening.

And I had to do it twice! lol. But where'd the green come from? Since I did this around X-mas, I ran next door to RiteAid and bought some x-mas tissue paper. I taped a bit on (after loosely measuring it out) and rechecked how the lighting would work.

What I wanted is an intense green light coming thru. I tried adding green x-mas lights originally but it didn't work. That's why I went with tissue paper which takes place of colored light bulbs, right? This is the end effect. I wanted a blast of green and then dark then green then dark. Didn't quite get it. That's ok cuz it served it's purpose. It's supposed to look like there is energy flowing on the outside and that's what provides the lighting for the corridor.
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Cool beans!
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