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Building a de-forested landscape
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Default Building a de-forested landscape

I started this project by looking at photographs of deforested rainforest and other areas, and even by looking into the few patchy areas in my garden, trying to get a feel of how vegetation and trees and dirt all interacted and separated when deforestation occurs.

The materials I used were the following:

MDF board
Fibre board
Newspaper (lots of!)
Masking tape
Plaster-cloth (also known as ModRock, ArtRock or plaster-netting)
Tepid water
Woodland Scenics clump foliage
Hornby Skale Scenics scatter, shrubbery and ballast

1) I placed the MDF board flat and screwed the fibre board to the sides and enclosed the structure. I then scrunched up the newsaper and arranged it in the shapes that I wanted, to make uneven landscape. Using the cardboard, I sculpted the road in-between the rockfaces and the cliff on the end. I also used cardboard placed on top of graduated rolls of newspaper to make the slope in the road at the side.

In the following images, you can see that I made some lower land, with a road beside it leading to higher land, with the road cutting through raised rock verges on either side. A sheer cliff lies to the other side of the higher bit of land.

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