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Originally Posted by Roland da Thompson Gunner
I would've participated until I learned that The Terrordrome takes people's photos without asking permission to use them.

Wow, and here I thought we were done.

You make it sound like we steal images and don't give people credit.

As you can clearly see on ANY of our "Image of the Day" images we posted, we fully credit the user, the thread and JoeDios itself. So not quite sure where you are going with your post.

In respons to Roland's comment to me about if/when HissTank posts images we post without asking us, well that is a different situation. Because, they will NEVER credit us for anything. The remove our links all the time when any member posts something of ours.

If anyone wants their image removed that we featured as a way to promote the community AND JoeDios itself let me know and we'll remove it. And at this point if we do decide to continue with the "Image of the Day" feature, I'll be sure to ask first so we don't offend any fragile egos.

As for Prince Adam, I think you are seriously blowing Josh's JOKING comment totally out of proportion. This really bugs me that people here are acting that way. Seems more fitting for another site in the community that just loves to overreact to things.

In regards to Photoshop for the dio contest, you can use Photoshop, but not to put together the whole image. You can use it to remove devices such as strings that you use to hold up your Joes or Joe vehicles.

At this point, I'm really disappointed in the attitude taken by some here. It is not what I have come to recognize by the members here. And that is sad. Especially Nekoman's comment. It also shows what is wrong with this community as a whole, when you try to something together and some turns it around like it is a bad thing.

This is ridiculous and at this point, I'm thinking about shutting down the contest and not bothering to work with any of the other sites, since they all seem to be pretty selfish.

This hobby is really becoming no fun for me.
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