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For a brightly lit pic, hold the light fairly close to the subject (pic 6) or further away for a darker pic (pic 7). As a rule, the lighter a picture is, the more detail you will see, and the darker a picture is, the moodier it will look.

For the “flare” illumination effect, simply follow the above tips, but use a coloured light source. The difference between fluorescent light and coloured light can be seen in same scene photographed under different light sources in the two shots below (pics 8 & 9).

You may be able to achieve a similar look to pic 8 by using a filter if you have some decent photo editing software. You will also need this if you want to achieve a “night vision” effect. Simply take a shot as explained above (I’ll use pic 2 from above), then use your software to change it to black & white, then tint it with a light green shade, and finally add a little noise and blur to make it look grainy (pic 10).

Finally, after you have taken your pics you may find you want to use your photo editing software to adjust the brightness and contrast functions just to fine tune them a little. Now, get out there in the dark and remember to HAVE FUN!
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