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Custom Cobra Chinook - CH-46 Sea Knight
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Default Custom Cobra Chinook - CH-46 Sea Knight

I picked up this Chap Mei Chinook at TRU thanks to the praise of Flatline, Outrider & ender098. Everyone calls it a Chinook, but jjsvipers set us straight & let us know it is really a CH-46 Sea Knight. I like the sound of that - Sea Knight sounds like something Cobra would use. I do not normally use non-Hasbro/GI Joe vehicles, but this thing is huge, inexpensive, has great potential & Cobra needs a copter to match the Tomahawk.
I am not going to do any major mods to this thing, but to do what I needed to do I wanted smaller pieces to work with, so disassembly was step #1.

Taking it apart was simple, just remove all the screws, and there are alot of them. There are several different size screws & I made the mistake of not keeping them organized & just let them drop in my bucket as I removed them. This made reassembly a little more time consuming.
The next step was removing that huge horrible star off the side

I used Testors paint thinner, lucky it worked very well & no acetone was needed. I used a Q-tip to remove the paint with small amounts of thinner at a time. The copter is molded in black, so the grey camo is paint & I did not want to remove that, so the Q-tip worked perfect for a controlled removal of the unwanted paint. After the paint was removed, I used a leather chamois, to shine the spot up. Now you can not tell there was ever anything there, and it shines like the rest of the vehicle.

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