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Ok, small update:

I added some thickness to the roof. Good ol' cardboard! Then, I took some wooden dowels and created a ledge. It has a sort of step built in to it.

Here, I've sprayed it wih "Stone Touch" spraypaint I found at Michaels. "The look and feel of Stone". I gotta say, it's great! I'm impressed. It truly does feel like concrete! The color is a little lighter than I thought it would be, but I'm going to darken it up a bit, possibly with a black wash.

Well, I temporarily propped it all up and together to see what I'm looking at so far. I have to say, I'm almost liking it!! It doesn't look too bad. It's still a good ways from complete, but it really makes me happy seeing it come this far.

I added a super fine grit sandpaper to the roof to give it that tar-paper look. It feels just like a roof like that would! It's not rough to the touch at all, either, and I'm probably going to weather it a bit, making scuff marks and indents where water would've settled. The tower, well, I wasn't that happy with it, and I'm still not, but I do like that it'll be there. 5thC suggested a darker color for it, like a green, and I'm leaning that way. I also might scrap what I have there and start from scratch with a different design. We'll see. The back ledge was left off because I am building in a ladder from the ground, attached to the back of the building, so I need an opening for it. Gotta have roof access!! Snake Eyes is am I!

Just another (blurrier, sorry) view.

So, that's where I'm at. I'm going to tackle the interior walls and floor before attached it all together. Alright, homeys, what say ye?!

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