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Default Pow!

You're shaping up sexy and fruity delicous...

Dude, this is seriously nice. I love the wood stain, it's gonna look sick in a forest setting.

The light is a cool idea, and with an awning covering it, it's gonna be super-functional.

Door frame and window frames look good, I like that you broke up the building with the molding half-way up.

This is turning out very cool.

I will however warn that your constant whining in that last post to be a sign of weakness. Don't give into the evil - suck it up and press on. The rest of us here on joedios don't care if your fingers are bleeding and you haven't slept... Just ask yourself, what would Flint do if he was on the job?

Schweet job Skot - it's time for some old-school ACDC - that'll keep you going.

Cheers! ~ Paul.
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