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Bring out the Foilage Baby!
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Wink Bring out the Foilage Baby!

This part was real fun.

Again, my son found these plastic leaves-vines thing at Michaels... it's wire, with the leaves that slot on the vines with a peg-hole setup.

Took the wire cutters out and clipped and started hot-gun glue'n the begibbes out of it all over the place. We held on each piece and stood back to see if it was were we wanted it, then applied the hot-glue action.

Here's a close-up, the leaves really fill in the diorama and make it seem much more life-like. The rock wall behind the figures is minimized as it should be IMO.

And here's a wide shot of the whole thing with the leaves in place. We wrapped the vines around the trees, looks slick we think ;-)

We also pulled off extra plastic leaves and glued them onto the vines to fill out certain areas. It helps when you do this to put your face down in the various possible photo-taking angles and look.... then fill in with extra leaves where necessary.

Also you may notice that we added some ferns. I think the ferns are out of scale with the joes, but we minimized them and they work.

Thoughts, comments anyone?

Cheers! ~ Paul.
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