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Wow! Shazbam!
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Nice Structure! I like the windows, and that staircase! Wow, that's da bomb! That's gonna look great when it's done.

I see your dilemma on the lower level lighting issue. I'm guessing you didn't make the second storey removeable from the first... you could cut out a hole in the floor of the second storey, that is then removable and replaceable at will. Otherwise you will have no overhead light for taking pics on the first level.

Again, bravo on the stairs. Nice.

What exterior are you thinking for this building? My two bits - I'd do the first floor brick, and the top floor a different texture like wood planks. Or all Brick would look good. Regardless, I would suggest something protruding, like a ledge to seperate the exterior first and second floors.

Looks great Tracker! Thanks for posting. I think this is a first for - 3 diorama how-to's simultaneously going down. Exciting stuff.

Cheers! ~ Paul.
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