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Two Story House
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Default Two Story House

I haven't taken any step by step photos because I'm not doing any thing different ,yet, than what's in fifthconspiracy how-to: Which is an awesome how-to thank you and your son.

Here are a few shot as promised. I am using fun foam for the window frames

Out side shot ( Stalker is moving to make sure Cobra doesn't take over the unfinished building. He's made sure to use a silencer on the gun.)

Inside shot (Cobra Commander say to his General: G.i. Joe will never suspect that we are using this unfinished house to stage my latest plan...Mu ha ha)

Close up of Stalker walking up the stairs (I was lucky and found a pattern for stairs on-line with a person in the picture for scale.

Just close up picture on the computer console I made to match the chairs that's available here. i haven't posted them yet, because I'm waiting for permission from the creator of the chairs. I use graphics from the chairs so the consoles would match. (Can you tell what's on the screen)

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