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Ok, I couldn't sleep today. Great! I have too many ideas running through my head. I decided to start the tower/antenna array. I even painted!!

Here, Duke has cut some balsa wood and popsickle sticks for us to use. I decided to go 16" high, 2"SQ.

Snake Eyes pitches in and we paint the pieces up. I found some old (really old) Apple Barrel Crimson paint and used that. It's just a tad chunky in spots, but seeing as how this is a metal tower that's constantly exposed to the elements, the paint would look weird in spots, bubbling in the heat, fading here and there, etc. That's my excuse anyway.

I super-glued it together, and voila, the frame for my tower is up! Here's a far-away view.

And here's a closer look, as Duke wonders when the hell Skot is going to sleep.

Flint, man, give it a rest!!

I'm feeling pretty darn tired now, so perhaps now I can lay down for a few hours. I don't know, though...these ideas just keep racing through my head! Tomorrow, I shall finish up the tower, and start on the various dishes and whatnot that shall adorn it. I am quite pleased with the results so far.

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