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This is a fantabulous start to your diorama!

Mods - consider moving this to the How-To section of the forum, this dude's modest. Too modest.

Back to the diorama showcase! ~ Very nice setup, you're going bawls-deep here, it's large! Which will be cool for photo-taking once you're done. If you're going wood for the exterior, I would not use popsicle sticks... your building is too large for popsicle sticks and you'll have problems making them "appear" straight. I would go and get manufactured wood slats for the exterior; I've seen some at Michaels here in my hometown.

Make sure you frame around all the shapes ~ windows, doors etc... as you apply your exterior think about how you will slap on window frames, door frames etc... so you have enough room. For those awesome window holes, I'd go with a 4-section glass-look, splitting the window into 4 places. And maybe window-shutters? Who knows!

For the roof, I like that flat roof, fits the building, especially a communications building. I would make sure there's at least a 1"-2" ledge around the top, such that joes don't fall off ;-) - and it would look more realistic I think. Then you can apply tar-paper as the roofing material which would look sick.

Love the desk idea - that's cool. I laughed when I saw that - looks like my setup at work! Duke should've went widescreen tho ;-)

Wicked start, I'm glad you're showing as you go. My son and I are looking to learn from what you're doing here!

Bed Bath and Beyond my Friend, I don't know if we'll have time!....

Cheers! ~ Paul.
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