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communications station, set-piece for upcoming dio
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Default communications station, set-piece for upcoming dio

Snake Eyes peers out the door, weapon drawn, ready for the "man of action" just looks out the window.

An overview, to give you an idea of the size here.

Removable roof, a shot of the inside, thus far...

Duke and Snake Eyes "discussing" where this project is heading... Duke now knows that discussing this with a mute is not the easiest way of going out this, and thinks it should be thrown out to JoeDios for some input.

Duke is checking JoeDios every so often, seeing if anybody has any suggestions on where this Communications Station should be located (arctic, foresty, jungle, etc), what kind of building materials (brick, metal siding, etc.), awesome additions that will really knock this set out of the park, etc...

A look at the desk set-up from the inside...I'm thinking it will be a wooden desk. It has 3 flat-screen monitors that will have cool computer screens on it soon.

So that's where I'm at thus far. I'd like to personally thank fifthconspiracy for the inspiration and "how-to" here...he really got me rolling on this. The roof is removable, and the back wall will be also. I'm going to build an antennae set-up for the roof, complete with radar/satellite dishes and arrays. There is going to be a perimeter fence set up surrounding the outside. Please, suggestions are extremely welcome!!

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