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Originally Posted by fifthconspiracy
Man, that sounds wicked sickola. You have to post some photos as you go!

A fence sounds great! I wanted to do one on the last dio, but felt that I didn't plan for it at the beginning, so there was no place for it to go. My suggestion, build the fence such that it can seperate from the main building dio/platform, that way you can remove it for close-up shots around the building and such.

What materials are you using for the building construction? Going brick? wood? or something else?

Cheers! ~ Paul.

I took a bunch of pics last night, showing where I'm at thus far. I didn't bother with in progress pics, really, as it's just not necessary after your excellent tutorial.

Yeah, my fence is going to be entirely removable/remoldable. It's made from gutter-mesh, and Ender did a great "How-To" on it in here, as well. I learn so much from JoeDios!

As far as building construction, I'm not quite sure what I want it made from. Since I haven't quite decided where I want it located (arctic, forest, etc), it's kind of up in the air still. I'm thinking more foresty, so perhaps I can attempt the brick set up, as you've done. It's pretty big, though. I'll post pics and maybe I can get some feedback. It's going to be a communications station for the dio I'm working on. Maybe that will help?

Now, as for you, it's a new day, so get back to YOUR project and keep me inspired and motivated!!

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