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Originally Posted by fifthconspiracy
Thanks Sephron!

This little dio is our test case for making that bigger 2-storey stone building with rockwall I sent you last week as a hand-drawn sketch. If this works out ok in the end, we'll start that next!

Cheers! ~ Paul.

I started work on my building today...all cardboard, masking tape, cut-outs for the door and windows. I'm going tomorrow to buy paint and a base to set it on. It's going to have a barbed wire, perimeter fence going around it. I haven't decided yet if it'll be in the arctic, or maybe a more forest/jungle type setting. Hmm... Spring is coming... We'll see. Anyway, it's all thanks to you and your awesomely-well detailed "how-to's", so thank you!

I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing that little drawing you sent me come to life. So get crackin'!

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