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Originally Posted by Sonneilon
LOL. Most of the miniature gamers call the stuff flock that ya use for the grounds. And yes, you usually use a tacky glue. But unlike you, they tend to dry brush the stuff. HOW they do that w/o getting all the flock back ONTO the brush is beyond me. Your project looks great! MOving faster than me! (NOT that that's saying much!)

I actually use woodglue (you know the basic white stuff), mixed with about 30-40% water and then flock/small pebbles or whatever.
Let it dry for about 3-4 hours. Then you can't move it even with dynamite!
after that I paint over it.
Drybrush and put washes over it.

Drybrush: Take a big ol' brush with worn bristles, put paint on it, draw the brush back and forth on some paper (I use toilet paper) until almost no paint comes off, then draw the brush across whatever you need to paint - do this until you have gotten the layer you want. - you see this technique allows paint only to hit the surface areas, whilst the areas underneath is still in its original color (thus you should use a shade lighter color for highlighting/drybrushing).

Washes. Use preferably a water based paint - mix it out with 50/50 water (depends on the paint). Use a fairly large brush to run the paint/milk over the surface of what you are trying to shade.
You see, because its more of a liquid it will go in the cracks and crevices better and darken the places that would receive normal shadow.

If you use washing and drybrushing together you get wonderful results (mostly I just use drybrushing!).

Hope that helps some of you - I'll be putting out a tutorial/how to myself on painting and techniques and whatnot.
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