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Here is the final product, full views
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Wink Here is the final product, full views

As requested, here are some full-views of the Ranger Station/Shack.

Uh-oh... Cobra just took over the lease.

And Cobra Commander enters through the front door.

Storm Shadow looks out a the tranquil view of the lake.

Cobra Commander is pissed that there's a hole in the wall - that wasn't noted on the lease papers he signed!!!! Damn!!!

What? The place isn't furnished!! I demand that you online-order some damn furniture from Marauder Inc!!!

And get someone to fix that hole in the wall !!!! ... it's drafty. And what happened to the roof??? Aaaagggghhhh!!!!! Imbeciles!

Gonna add some little touches once the stuff arrives from Marauder Inc. I think a few mini-framed pictures, and possibly a cobra spray-paint tag on the front of the building would look coolio.

Thanks for everyone's comments/suggestions. Looks different in daylight eh? Compared to the few night-shots I've taken (above).

Cheers! ~ Paul.
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