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That's It! Done!
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Applied the debris around the blow-out hole as the last touch...

The project is done! My son's 8th birthday was a few days ago, and he's had hours (literally hours my wife tells me) playing with this dio-shack with his new figures.

Overall, I'd say I'm happy with the overall project outcome. We already have plans for another diorama with rock face and a warehouse.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. The entire thing was quite easy to do and didn't take that long considering the outcome.

As a final take, I took a few action shots around the finished building. Enjoy!

Storm Shadow launches a stealthy kick on an unsuspecting Beachead! Kapow!

Gung-ho reaches for his sidearm as his buddy is knocked on his a$$! Frapow!

Flash has a fresh set of energizer batteries and readies his laser rifle! Zapow!

Visor down - the hum of the laser rifle might give him away! Zowie!

Snake Eyes cleans up. Leave no evidence behind.

Cheers! ~ Paul.
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