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1. Have an idea in your head of a story. I don’t script it out. That’d be too much like writing for me.

i do the idea thing, but most times i write the whole script. its easier when you go and add the speech and i know exactly what pics i will need and what angle. but i have done them by just having an idea too.

1a. Consult with friends whether the concept is sound or just lame. When you start shooting, bounce off teasers to gauge reaction.

i cant do this because then they would say dont use sci-fi, lol

2. Pick your characters. The characters need to cater to the story. IF you want a story in the jungle or desert, you probably don’t need WINTERIZED soldiers running around.

exactly, i did a lot of customs for my winter scene, that and use joes that already had winter looking gear. the same will be for my future desert dio,

4a. Understand that cropping can change the feel and look of the shot. Do you REALLY need all that extra ‘stuff’ in the shot?

so true. 95% of my shots are long range shots, then i crop them to use what i need from the scene.

4b. Understand perspective. Take MULTIPLE damn shots! From various angles. Don’t POST every damn angle. Use the best one.

i honestly think this is the most important part of doing dios. i only use about 1 out of 8 shots.

7a. Keep in mind, DON’T let the word balloons cover TOO MUCH of the character speaking OR the action. Comic books often have this problem, not us dioists. I admit, I’ve had to cover up MORE of the figure than I like on many occasions.

i think i try this to much, i really try not to cover any of the figure whatsoever.

8. USE a consistent TEXT size.

YOU TALKING ABOUT ME!?! next thing you'll want correct spelling... seriously, i do use the same word font, but i usually do some more cropping after words, and not all of my pictures are the same size so they dont show up the same size so i have to guess.

11. Let’s get anal here. Some say, ‘SAVE YOUR ORIGINAL SHOTS!”

still have everyone of mine, even a lot of shots i didnt use.

11a. Create a SPECIFIC folder for your dio. Create a specific folder for 1-shots. Don’t lose your work in a folder you can’t remember. Keep a MISC, UNUSED, ORIGINAL and “FULL” folder. “FULL” refers to the actual dio and nothing else.

11b. NUMBER the damn shots! If you don’t number them right off the bat, are YOU going to remember which shot is which months later??? How about sending them to someone out of order?

this should go without saying.

11c. Title pages are nice.

yes, i like doing my title pages. not to brag but i think mine are actually pretty nice.

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