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Originally Posted by fifthconspiracy
Well, then,... how about you shut your mouth and get back to building this wicked diorama? ;-) Less talk more action! Personally, I'm at work and you are distracting me with your thoughts of diorama grandeur! Geez!

I petition for this thread to be moved into the HOW-TO section where it so rightfully belongs. If Seph can pull off what he's described, this will be a dio for the ages my friends.... for the ages. I can't wait to see this come to fruition. I'm already addicted to it... you had me at "Snake Eyes..."

Seriously tho- your pics and ideas sound wicked and doable. So let's keep it coming. I'd love to hear your ideas/conception for the radio tower...

I just sent my wife on a shopping spree at a local hobby store for some ground flocking... so that tonight after dinner my son and I can get busssaaay...

Rock on! Let's see if we can get some more folks on this board to comment, make suggestions as we go. There's some talented people on here.

In the words of Peter Griffin, "let's unscrew the legs, take the cushions off... it's easier than we're making it!"...

Cheers! ~ Paul.

Blue Harvest, nice. The couch bit was my favorite part of that, haha.

Oh, I've got an idea or two about the radio tower...I think that's actually what I'm going to work on tomorrow, as I've already got most of the pieces for it. Now that I think about it, it's going to be pretty cool. It, also, will be removable from the roof. I want to be as modular as possible here.

Also, expect to receive a drawing of what I have in mind for my next project in the next couple of days (I'm a fan of reciprocity, and you sent me a kick-ass drawing already, so...). I think you'll REALLY like it.

Originally Posted by fireflyed
I gotta say, for an ole lady, she's got it going on!

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