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Lego Shipping Container - Doors/Hinge
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While I have been waiting on some parts to arrive from Germany, yesterday i sat down with some plates,tiles and some other various pieces to construct one side of the opening doors. I've come up with a nice design using the 1x1 modfied plate with clip. Basically as a hinge to the grey bar piece. I'll use 4 of these for each door. My one snag at the moment is that I only have 4 clip-plates and one of those is warped/bent, so it offsets the door in a bad way, it's not so much a big deal but on my next bricklink order i'll get 10 of them to be on the safe side. :-D

Hope you like the updated pictures.

In these next 2 shots you can actually see one of the 1x1 headlight bricks slightly off, this is because the 1x1 modified clip plate is bent/warped.

This is how it will look from the outside, i've removed the side panels for now so I can focus on the door/hinge.

I'll have more updates when I get the 2 orders in from Germany :-D

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