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W.I.P - Lego Built Shipping Container (GIJoe/Microman Scale)
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So I recently decided to stop collecting Lego, at least.. the little guys and the little sets, but i plan to keep the bulk of the Grey lego to build scenery. My first project is a shipping container in scale with Microman/GIJoe figures.

Here are my work in progress pictures. I am currently working on some military customs as well. So when they are finished i'll upload some pictures with the shipping container.

Yesterday I worked out how to build up the side panels to give the container that distinctive corrugated look.

I've used 1x8 grey plates and 1x1 headlight bricks to build the panel first, then used 1x8 grey tiles vertically to give it that look.

When I get my lego orders in from bricklink i'll post up some more photos of it in progress. Hope you like the photos.
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