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Originally Posted by gijoeiwasthere
Woah.....the Dude's Waayy nominated, and also didn't self nominate as the poster and replier

I self nominated because Sonneilion had a hoard of dudes come on to shill for him and I find the intentions here dubious. Nobody who likes me would mind the fact that I did that since my only interest is making sure nothing unfair happens here.

To be clear: I completely forfeit ANY interest in becoming a moderator IF that means I can't speak my mind about these two and what they're doing. And just so we're clear I'm under the impression this isn't an "election" so the results may not be the same as what you guys think they are.

The moderator shouldn't be someone who just showed up to take the spot. It should be someone less involved with any cliques and has been an active poster here from before we needed a moderator.

As for more stuff I'm sitting on: Why should guy who would desecrate a support image for a cancer victim out of spite be a moderator? That's a gem about 218, and Hammerfell knows about it too.

I don't want to be a moderator. But I have to step up, say what's on my mind, tell this like it is and make some issues absolutely clear.

For all of you guys thinking this is great, there will likely be an exodus of current posters should 218 and Sonne be moderators, just as they left 7 years ago.

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