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Primal Rage Vertigo review
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Default Primal Rage Vertigo review

During the 90s video games were going full force and many of these games became so popular toy companies decided to take notice. Primal Rage by Playmates was one such game in the 90s like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat had a toy series to follow. The figures were gimmicky and stood in scale of 5 to 6 inches. It is interesting to note that Chap Mei origins are tied into Primal Rage early on. Diablo/Sauron the two Tyrannosaurs were used as a catalyst for the Beast Raider Hurricane. Blizzard/Chaos the two ape creatures may have later been the base for the giant Wild Quest Gorilla.

The Mesmerizing Sorceress

Vertigo is one of the more unique characters of the game and the only female as the packaging and game describe. Vertigo is also a creature of fantasy she is a Cobra mixed with a theropod dinosaur. A Cobrasaur if you will. Vertigo is beautifully painted with a slender design. She does come with accessories and a bio card which I do not have. Her arms and legs do move but that is it as far as articulation is concerned. Her action feature is she can spit venom by sucking in water and squeezing her torso. Vertigo is constructed very similar to the Kenner Dilophosaurus Jurassic Park put out in the early 90s. Vertigo works well with the JP Chaos Effect line as a dinosaur spliced with other animals. Vertigo also works well in 4" scale G.I. Joe and Chap Mei figures.

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