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News Update!

So today I thought I'd post up a picture to show the monitors as well as the second console desk that is joining the 1st one i built.

I've not quite made a decision on if I should bracket the monitors to either wall (2 on either side) or make a gantry and suspend them from the ceiling. I will probably make a decision on this once I start building the surrounding walls as I work out the height and other details.

Just a quick note regarding the consoles and brick pieces. I am hoping to find matching grey colours so the bricks aren't out of colour, in some of the photos you will probably notice two types of grey, the most common is Light Grey where as the newer colour (light bluish grey) has been used on occasions when I didnt have the part available in the other colour, this is just a temporary thing and obviously i'll want to match all these colours up properly and have the pieces in the right colours, it just takes a little time to find the pieces at the right cost from bricklink, ;-)

From the photo you'll also be able to see that i've added the 1x8 and 1x4 Grey Tiles to the top of the console desks. This is coming along really nicely and i'm pleased with it so far.

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