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Another shot from where the computer board is. You can kind of see the corridor leading into it. When I did the shoot, I had the main compound built as well as a corridor leading up to it. Pretty expansive and probably unnecessary, but I needed to keep my thinking straight. The ceiling was actually used for a wall in the S6 dio. I reuse the walls and everything. However, when doing this set... Oh wait, I DID chop up the walls from the end chapter from the last dio. Also, that's just regular gift tissue paper to help defuse the light. (I use red too for the red lit shots)

Another shot from where the computer is. But this time, I'm trying to show the doorway which leads to the barracks. I haven't decided if I need to build a room for the barracks yet but it's to give the idea that the compound has corridors leading off in another directions. The real fun of this shot is the fact that the wall is held up by 2 S6 weapon cases and a roll of packaging tape. How complicated is that?

Ok, this is an overview shot w/ me holding the ceiling up. Some of the walls are just resting against each other to stand. Most of the talking will happen here. On the far side, there's a doorway. That wall is easily removable so I can shoot from the other side. More importantly, that corridor leads further into the volcano/island and lots of Doom/Aliens stuff will happen there. It's NOT a rehash of "War For Territory" and "Transformations". It retains my usual storytelling and style but I'm hoping to step things up. I have YET to take an outdoor shot for this dio. :|

In the end, I'm trying to defuse some of the stress and anxiety people have about building sets. Seriously, it's not that hard. It is time consuming and the more you work on it, the better it'll be. Enjoi.
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