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Originally Posted by Sonneilon
7. THIS part is really tough. KNOW what you are gonna use for text in the shot. CATER the cropping and sizing to what needs to be said. There is nothing worse than making the shot too small to make the word balloon work right. MAKE the balloon size to what you think will work for you. Too often, us viewers see word balloons TOO BIG for the text involved. I tend to throw down what I ASSUME is about right and then fill it up. Get used to adapting to making things work. It is very annoying and frustrating and THAT is the ONLY reason why a script is needed.

My dios can be very wordy because Iím trying to get a lot of information across. BUT at times, I make the balloons too big and being too lazy, I wonít go back to the original shot and fix it. Iíll fill the balloon up instead. At the same time, I havenít made balloons big enough!

Try doing the text first, then make the balloon. I find it a lot easier to do that way.
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