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Next I painted all the small parts & trim of the copter. I have seen these in several different colors, mine was in maroon

Krylon Fusion for plastic, Satin Black - no sanding neccessary & it dries in 10 minutes, pay the extra money, it is worth it!
After the paint dried, it was time to detail the small parts. First the cockpit:

I use Model Master leather for the seats, gave it a black wash & them drybrushes tan for a well worn look. Painted the bolts silver, highlighted the buttons & fire extinguishers red. The gauges (hard to see at this angle) are painted white, with silver trim & red pointers. Weathering was done with silver & rust drybrushing. Everything was given a black wash, then sprayed with Testors Dull Coat.
Then the rest of the small parts:

Same thing - silver & rust drybrush, black wash & Dull Coat

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