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Death from above!!
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My sweet sassafrassa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hells yes, my man! THAT is a freakin' kickass diorama! You outdo yourself at every turn. Tell the boy he did a great job on the spray-painting. If he's got some free-time, there are a couple of train cars in my town that could use a good taggin'.*

Loving this man. It's keeping me motivated to get mine done and move on to some more. Please keep it up so I can keep it up!!

*author's note - I do not condone the art of tagging, nor do I participate in it. As far as my record is concerned. If I thought it was cool or really awesome to look at and/or do, I would drop hints to indicate as such. **

**author's note, part deux - It is cool. Hint hint.

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I gotta say, for an ole lady, she's got it going on!

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