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Originally Posted by haradrel
Digging the progress! Nice touch with the firemen there, so we get to see the scale (and since its not finished, could look burned out/like a training house)

Yea that's exactly way I used them in the picture. i just got them and they looked cool with the unfinished house

Originally Posted by Sephron13
Oooh, that's really cool looking! Great job man! Love those firefighters, too. Good idea with the chop sticks! Use what you have available! It's coming along very nicely. Thanks for the update!


Originally Posted by fifthconspiracy
Very nice Tracker... Now cover up that building with some material!

It's looking slick so far... needs real-world texture and it'll POP!

Cheers! ~ Paul.

Thank you
Don't worry now that I've finally decided on the porch. I'm ready to put on a covering.
I'm half way thinking of print up some realistic brick textures and gluing the print outs to the outer wall or a vinyl siding texture I also found.
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