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Help - Lighting & Photography
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Post Help - Lighting & Photography

As part of the ongoing project to make things more friendly, this thread is aimed at helping everyone from those who are new to those who are a veteran needing a refresher

In here you will find alot of helpful articles dedicated to helping you setup and take great pictures of your action figures.

Any questions fired here in this thread should be about lighting and photography in General and or tips for improving your scenery that are not Environment specific. I also welcome any insightful articles by members of the community, full credit will be given to the contributor, I'll do the indexing from here in A-Z order.
Catalogue Photos
Catalogue How-To - two simple easy suggestions on taking cool catalogue shots for your G.I.Joes. Submitted by Urban Saboteur

Gunfire & Tracerfire Submitted by ender098
Explosions Submitted by ender098

Macro Mode, Auto Timer & Tripod - submitted by Urban Saboteur

In-Flight Shots
InFlight Shots submitted by Otto the Otter

The Magic of Lighting & Angles- Submitted by Agent Viper

Outdoor Shots

Recommended Programs below.
GIMP - (General Image Manipulation Program)

Weathering & Details
This isn't so much photography but it does involve improving your scenery and it isn't really specific to 1 environment.
Weathering & Detailing This is a great how-to by the legend Outrider on how to add weather effects to your vehicles.

At my own Request I have asked the Moderators to Sticky this thread. So it remains at the top of the How-To forum. I will begin adding in articles and indexing everything in the next few hours

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