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Now that we have trees made, its time to build a set.

I use Woodland Scenics stuff alot. It is for use with model trains and can be found in most hobby stores. All of my turf & grasses are made by them.

Inside my lightbox I use a piece of foamcore as a floor (black for jungle, white for snow). I always build my sets with my camera on so I can see what it looks like as I build it. First I will set up the trees to the desired spot:

I want my tall grass to be modular as well so I hot glue various lengths and colors to craft wood for a base (see insert above). Looking throught the camera I add the tall grass to the desired spot. Now add the cover grass:

This is a lush forrest or jungle so I use the dark green turf. I use a paint brush to level it out and make sure it covers all of my bases. Watch for bald spots through you camera. Coming up next - Final touches.......................................

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