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1:18 Scale glass
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Default 1:18 Scale glass

I have recently started with my first full scale dio story. It takes place several years into the future, Major bludd and Destro after over a decade of planning have found a way to disable the american communication grid allowing them to pull off a large scale invasion of the eastern U.S.A. I would go more into detail but i don't wan't to give away too much, I wan't to make the scenery and dioramas as realistic as possible. I have already pretty much finished my script which I have aimed for a more gritty real story where cobra isn't just some goofy club for kids and war is, war. About 60% of the dio will take place in occupied new York city where the Joes with help from the rangers and the army are trying to push cobra back into the atlantic. I have already found ways of making tarred roads, brick, stone and wood but I am having trouble with one thing. Glass. The only way I have come up with that will work is if I use woodland scenics realistic water and pour it in a mold that I can then put and attach to anything or anywhere I want. If anyone as an easier or CHEAPER way of making realistic scale glass please reply back, also if anyone is interested in learning more about the story I would be happy to answer your questions. Thank you.
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