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Originally Posted by dancontrino
"You goofs couldn't dio your ways out of a paper bag!!"
Oh yeah??? Wait till you see my Crucifixion scene with Torch and Big Boa

I think we have a winner!

Seriously, though... go for it! That is exactly the kind of creativity I am going for.
I mean, if not for this contest, you might never have realized just how much Big Boa looks like a Roman soldier..... or, is he going to be the Christ figure?

The whole point is just to have fun making stuff with your Joes, and maybe try something new... or do something old in a new way.

We have already had one Van Gough inspired entry posted... and that has given me some fun ideas.

Nekoman, let me know when you launch your contest and I will drum up all the Drome support that I can.

And just in case it actually was unclear before.....Joe dios is THE place for awesome looking dio work. I couldn't even guess how many times images from this site have been the wallpaper on my laptop.
I called you guys "goofs" because I am intimidated by the level of talent here.....and to fire up some competitive spirit.

And because you area bunch of goofs. (kidding)

Thanks again,

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