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8) Now for the flat landscape parts. For this, I used the following:

2x MDF boards
Cardboard egg carton (12 egg size)
PVA glue, diluted
Plaster-cloth / ModRock / ArtRock / Plaster-netting
Tepid water
Grass scatter
Thick acrylic paint (browns, greys, yellows, earthy colours)
Toilet roll

9) Firstly, since this is a deforested landscape, I needed to make a load of tree stumps. So, I cut up the egg carton into the individual egg compartments, turned them upside down and glued them onto the MDF boards in random places. Next, I used wet plaster-cloth to cover the egg carton pieces, and also to sculpt the roots spreading out from each stump. As before, this took four layers of plaster-cloth to make a really good, solid sculpt for the stumps.

10) To make a large tree stump, I cut an empty toilet roll in half and stuck the two pieces together to make a wider circle shape. I stuck that onto the board, covered the top with masking tape, and plaster-clothed the shape, making roots spreading out from the stump.

11) Next, I did the same work as on the first part of this set: I painted undercoats in dark, earthy colours, then sprayed the whole surface with diluted PVA glue. I then sprinkled combined scatter onto the surface. I was not so liberal this time, as the ground was supposed to look like the grass had been scraped away leaving patches. I used different coloured scatter to do this. I also created a makeshift "road" created by the back and forth wheel movement of big trucks, bulldozers and other works vehicles, to make it look like it was an active area of deforestation. To do this I used the thick acrylic to paint a dirty road, and went over it with a wheeled vehicle and a treaded vehicle before the paint dried to leave some track marks in the paint. Lastly, I added some shrubbery in one or two places.

12) Here is the finished piece, above, and the set with vehicles and figure on it, below. The whole set is three 4ft x 2ft boards across.

I hope this has been useful. I really enjoyed making this, and I became more confident in what I was doing as time went on.
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