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2) After securing all of the newspaper and cardboard with masking tape, I filled a bowl with warm water and used cut lengths of plast-cloth to cover the landscape.

3) I covered the set with four layers of plaster-cloth, smoothing over the patches and perforations that were visible. I ensured that the water was kept warm by using freshly-run water every once-so-often, whenever there was a build-up of plaster in the bottom of the bowl. This ensured that the plaster-cloth dried was well soaked and workable. After completing this stage, I left the model to dry fully for 24 hours.

4) After drying fully, the plaster was very hard to the touch. I then set about painting the model with a combination of browns, greens, dark reds and greys, all acrylics. The undercoat could be acrylic or regular emulsion, since the set is quite large and cheap emulsion will do for undercoat.

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