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Great thread, Rich. There are so many cool set building styles here at Dios. I keep it fairly simple because of space and time constraints.

-The walls are foam and are painted with a metallic Krylon spray.
-The floors are more of the same foam and the metal piece is from an old school locker.
-Various set pieces:
-round table and chairs made by fellow member, Tracker.
-Clone wars Yularen tactical table
-25th Joe dvd cart and MASS bits

Sic Deth pointed me in the right direction in using acrylics to paint the foam now...less caustic to the foam. The foam is fantastic because you get straight up, modular pieces(much like what George Lucas used in episoode IV), but you also can find very spacey looking foam pieces perfect for space/cosmic sets. Flatline once commented on how he preferred using household items for set pieces and I try to follow suit. Partly because of cost but also because I think its more challenging to not use too many pre fab sets and props.
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