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It's good to see some familiar names from the glory days, in the past week I've got my Joes out of storage. And I have that spark to get my Joe Room finally setup, and start taking pictures again. It's definitely sad to see the lack of posts on here, but every new post helps. I know this was the spot from 2005 to around 2012, and the Guy who 1st introduced & got me interested into taking pictures with my Joes was a member here. I consider him one of if not the best to ever take pictures with Joes, and he was only O-Ring, just like me. He went by Outrider, but those who were lucky enough to have him as a Friend knew him as Craig. So if any of you newer members want to see some really amazing pics look him up on here, and check out his threads. He was a master at weathering Vehicles and he made a thread on that. Well I hope to see more of you Guys. Yo Joe!
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