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Simple brick or block wall
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Default Simple brick or block wall

This is a how-to on building a simple but effective block or brick wall as seen HERE.
I am going to build a small sample wall here for reference, the one I used in my picture is 16" wide & 12" tall. The wall is simply foam core, I use the black type because it takes paint better than the white. It is easy to find, available at WalMart. The first thing you want to do is sand the side you are going to be working on. This will give you a little texture to your blocks.

Next we are going to draw out our blocks. I know some of you are artist and can do this freehand, I am not, so I use a pencil & a ruler. First the rows:

I am going to make 1" x 1/2" blocks, so the rows are marked every 1/2" down the foam core. I then mark each block at 1" intervals across alternating every other row by 1/2" to offset your blocks

Every other row offset by 1/2


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