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Ha, well, G, I just didn't think it really belonged with fifth's, yours, Frank's, etc. But, if you guys think can be moved, that's fine. I'll try and take more pics as I'm going.

Fifth, first of all, I think you and I are more on the same level than I originally thought, because if you're quoting "Old School" to me, than you my boy, Blue! Secondly, thank you for your advice and tips. I will definitely be hitting up Michaels this week (hopefully tomorrow) to see about the manufactured wood slats (and some stain). Also, I intend on making a ledge, so thank you for the reminder and the tar paper would definitely give it that real-world appearance that I'm like to strive for, so great idea! I'm trying to figure out the size/shape/etc. of the antennae/satellite arrays that I will be putting on there. Also, I'm going to make another roof, this one just a plain sheet of cardboard, with several holes cut in it where the light will come through (utilizing tissue to dissolve it somewhat) for taking photos inside the station. As for door/window frames, I am going to be doing those for sure. I like the 4-plane glass idea (and I already have LOTS of clear plastic to use for the "glass", thanks to the mutliple Legions packs I bought). I'm going to focus on finishing up the outside this week, and then moving on to the inside next week. This is a pretty big project now that I'm really thinking about things, but I'm already planning my next set and designing it, so this is going to be fun!

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