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Grazie e Buongiorno Neopolitan Joe. My name is Sean and I live in Bakersfield Ca. I was brought to the site in the search of printable props to use in a play set I was building for my now oldest son. Upon making an account and getting to know some of my now long time GIJOE friends, I got hooked on the toy photography aspect of collecting. The rest is history. I am currently working on a large scale diorama that will feature four store fronts and a stand alone shop/studio apartments on the second floor. There is a lengthy story that will accompany the dio, but that will follow at a later time. I am still in the medical field, now assisting in surgical procedures to increase circulation in the lower legs. My 2 boys Jaron and Hayden are 16 and 9 and my girlfriend 0f almost 4yrs Patricia. Im learning Italian for a future trip to Italy. My girlfriend spent most of her childhood in Aviano, her dad being in the USAF. So we will be visiting her friends and doing some traveling. I am also planning on visiting the Vespa museum and riding around on a scoot..Hence my JD handle. You will see lots of scooters in my upcoming dio. I specialize in handcrafting props for use in dioramas. Wood pallets of different sizes, cloth sleeping bags, pillows, hammocks, stretchers, tents, camo netting poles..So yes I can use a sewing machine. My hopes is to see the site active again like it was years ago and I look forward to sharing my works here again.
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