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Sculpting the Snake Head Doorway
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Cool Sculpting the Snake Head Doorway

This was my son's idea - make a snake-head doorway that looks menacing.

This took a bit. Working with clay is interesting... I learned to use vinegar to make a "thick-slip" to adhere pieces together... the entire process took about 2 hours from start to finish.

First, I made the two lower jaws... then the head, then adhered them together. I had to build some clay structure inbehind everything as I went to make it all hold together. Messy!

The green stryofoam block in the mouth was there to hold up the top part while it air-dried. This sucker is heavy. Very heavy. We added the four teeth last.

Here we go!

And more...

And for a finale!

What do you think of the snake-head? Looks like a snake we think. It was a long process of bending and shaping clay to get the mouth to look right... and the general shape of the snout and eyes. (note: you can see in a few pics up that we added scales... this was done by using thick paper curved and imprinting upon the semi-wet clay)

Was fun! Project is coming together!

Cheers! ~ Paul.
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